Weak willed former battle droid




Z3 has undergone multiple memory wipes over the years since the clone wars, and has limited knowledge of it’s history. Partial serial number information suggests it’s chassis was built in the very late stages of the war, and it is unclear if it ever saw combat.

At some point in the past, it’s droid brain was modified to increase processing power, but there appears to have been no effort to upgrade it’s capacity for independent thought. As a result, it tends to be highly susceptible to orders from almost any ally, struggles with understanding deception or subterfuge and can be a significant liability in covert operations.

Z3 has fled Teemu’s employ with it’s friends, including the person it considers it’s owner, Chi-Nath. Despite actually being owned by the Hutt, Chi-Nath has convinced Z3 that he is the droid’s actual long lost owner, making the mechanic fairly reliable in following his orders, rather than Teemu’s.


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